“Room 13” («Тринадцатый номер»)

“Room 13” («Тринадцатый номер»)

Super-comedy in two acts with one intermission.

Based on the play “Out of Order” by Ray Cooney.

The play won the prestigious Lawrence Olivier Award for “Comedy of the Year”!

The action takes place in the heart of London, at the Westminster Hotel. In room 13, in secret, the Prime Minister’s aide Richard Willey and the common but very nice secretary of the Parliament are going to hide away and… er… well, let’s say, practice shorthand. Suddenly, a HUMAN is seen in the window! What are the loser lovers to do now to keep the whole story from coming out? After all, it turns out that the lady from the next room noticed a suspicious man in the window and reported it to the appropriate authorities… Their honor, family, job and career are at stake! Moreover, it happened on the eve of the election! The sudden appearance of the secretary’s jealous husband exacerbates the situation to a critical point…

But, as they say, two heads are better than one! Here to the aid of the hapless tomcat Richard Willy comes his faithful assistant, his personal secretary – the clever and quick-witted George Pigden!

This is a scintillating situation comedy with a wildly twisted plot almost turning itself into a detective story featuring searches, chases, cross-dressing, and, of course, love story!

Authorized translation from English – Mikhail Mishin.

Director – Vladimir Golub, Honored Artist of Russia.

The play’s cast includes: People’s Artist of Russia Igor Volkov / Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Mironov / Honored Artist of Russia Mikhail Razumovskii, Honored Artist of Russia Gelii Sysoev / Valerii Kuksin, Sergei Murzin / Iakov Malkin / Vladimir Postnikov, Konstantin Kuleshov, Ekaterina Suvorova / Irina Goriacheva / Vera Kabanova, Natalia Ershova, Denis Portnov / Evgenii Koshelev, Vladimir Kolganov, Honored Artist of Russia Tatiana Kuznetsova / Honored Artist of Russia Elena Lipets / Honored Artist of Russia Svetlana Sheichenko, Varvara Repetskaia / Natalia Kruglova / Anastasiia Torshina and others.

Produced and managed by Grigorii Oleinikov.

For a wide range of audiences.

Duration of the performance with intermission – 150 minutes