“A Clinical Case, or a Purely English Comedy” («Случай в клинике, или Чисто английская комедия»)

“A Clinical Case, or a Purely English Comedy” («Случай в клинике, или Чисто английская комедия»)

Super-comedy in two acts with one intermission.

Based on the play “It Runs in the Family” by the famous English comedy writer

Ray Cooney.

As is always the case before Christmas, vanity and confusion reigns at the Central London Clinic. And indeed, there is a lot to do: the annual international neurology conference is about to begin, the rehearsal of the Christmas party is in full swing, presents are distributed to the clinic staff, patients are urgently prepared for discharge… But the most important tasks have been entrusted to David Mortimer and Hubert Bonney. David is to open an international conference of doctors, and Hubert is to play a leading role in the Christmas stage performance.

David and Hubert have been friends for twenty years, with neither envy nor resentment between them. Even though one of them is nearly a chief physician and the other is a general practitioner and a confirmed bachelor, they are as devoted and loyal to each other as they were in their turbulent youth spent in the company of pretty nurses and attendants. And who would have thought that eighteen years later one of these nurses would show up at David Mortimer’s door with the news that he is the father of her child, and today, on his coming of age, their son wants only one thing – to see his own father… A single friend comes to the rescue, ready to play the role of the father. Everything spins at an unbelievable speed: the chatelaine who has fallen out of the window, the senile old man who has got out of his wheelchair, the police inspector, his nephew…

The wife, friends, clinic staff, patients and many other characters are caught up in the thick of action. In addition to ridiculous, Homeric situations and funny circumstances, the play features a romantic love story, a classic dramatic triangle, and a tender story of friendship.

Authorized translation from English – Mikhail Mishin.

Directed by Vladimir Glazkov, winner of the theatrical prize in France.

The play’s cast includes: People’s Artist of Russia Iurii Lazarev, Honored Artist of Russia Boris Smolkin, Semen Furman, Honored Artist of Russia Kira Kreilis-Petrova / Honored Artist of Russia Galina Mochalova, Honored Artist of Russia Sergei Losev, Honored Artist of Russia Mikhail Razumovskii, Honored Artist of Russia Sergei Kuznetsov, Honored Artist of Russia Tatiana Kuznetsova, Honored Artist of Russia Elena Simonova, Honored Artist of Russia Elena Lipets, Kirill Ulianov, Denis Portnov, Vladimir Krylov, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Konstantin Kuleshov, Varvara Repetskaia / Lidiia Morkovskikh / Natalia Kruglova.

Produced and managed by Grigorii Oleinikov.

For a wide range of audiences.

Duration of the performance, including intermission – 150 min.