Crazy Day, or It’s All Paris’s Fault («Безумный день, или Во всём виноват Париж»)

Crazy Day, or It’s All Paris’s Fault («Безумный день, или Во всём виноват Париж»)

Super-comedy in two acts with one intermission.

“Crazy Day, or It’s All Paris’s Fault” may serve as a model for situation comedy! The famous classic play, rewritten by the well-known brilliant playwright and humorist Arkadii Arkanov (in co-authorship with the director) features superb dramaturgy, reprises, comic tricks, all sorts of misunderstandings and misguided actions. It is so fine that the viewer is constantly bursting with laughter from the stuttering humor and unexpected turn of events unfolding at an incredibly frantic pace.

The action takes place in Paris. Early in the morning, a certain millionaire businessman is approached by his manager requesting to marry off his daughter in exchange for millions stolen from him. In such a way, comic misunderstandings, intrigues, adventures and more and more crazy affairs begin. The daughter declares that she is pregnant by the recently fired chauffeur! Then another daughter (an impostor) shows up. The maid quits her job and becomes a baroness overnight! In addition, three identical looking suitcases appear in the story, though one of them is stuffed up with money, one with jewels and one with… women’s undergarments! How can a “poor” landlord not go crazy from such a flow of events occurring in one day? And the quiet house gradually turns into a madhouse…

Directed by Vladimir Glazkov, winner of theatrical prizes in France, Germany, Great Britain and Russia.

The play’s cast includes: Honored Artist of Russia Svetlana Pismichenko, Evgeniia Rubina, Sergei Murzin, Aleksandr Volkov, Mark Goronok, Andrei Averkov, Iaroslav Vorontsov, Natalia Lyzhina, Natalia Korolskaia, Ekaterina Suvorova, Alena Kukhotkina, Alena Savastova, Aleksandra Ivanova and others.

Produced and managed by Grigorii Oleinikov.

For a wide range of audiences.

Duration of the performance, including intermission – 160 min.